Over here you will find random notes. most of it related to physics or space.

The meter (symbol: m), used to measure length.
The kilogram (symbol: kg), used to measure mass.
The second (symbol: s), used to measure time.
The ampere (symbol: A), used to measure electric current.
The kelvin (symbol: K), used to measure temperature.
The mole (symbol: mol), used to measure amount of substance.
The candela (symbol: cd), used to measure light intensity.

higher dimensions...4D tesseract..the vertices joining the inner and outer cubes all point to
one direction at right angles...just like a shadow of a cube at right angles

electromag. force defies gravity....gravity is by far the weakest of the four interactions

Things exist because we OBSERVE them, otherwise they exist as a probability.

The earth is rounder than a billiard ball. If you scale the pool ball to the size of the earth the valleys would be much bigger than the valleys on earth

smoothest thing in the universe - neutron star

When nearing the speed of light,

  1. What you see is not real
  2. what you hear is not real
  3. what you feel is not real (electric impulse transfer rate in our body is also near to light speed)
  4. The time your body experiences is not real.
    What is real, is "you" at that moment.


time dilation,
length contraction,
color distortion -infrared - approaching/ ultraviolet-moving away

Notes on the first image of the black hole

Black hole image M87

It is about 1 1/2 light days across.
So, not light-years, it is measured in a day.
It appears to evolve on weak timescales, so we see substantial changes, maybe two weeks, 1 1/2 weeks.

The picture taken shows what was happening 55 million years ago. A capture of the past.
photons experience no time and from the perspective of a photon making the journey, the entire 55 million light year trip happens instantaneously. the light is 50 >million years old from our perspective.


Pulsars are formed when stars collapse due to no longer performing enough fusion to produce enough heat and energy to cancel out gravity. This causes the star to contract, which causes its mass, on average, to be closer to its axis of rotation, which causes the rotational inertia (also called the moment of inertia) to decrease. If the star's angular velocity stayed constant, this would cause the angular momentum to decrease, so the star's angular velocity must increase in order to offset the decrease in rotational inertia, i.e. the star (which is now a pulsar) spins faster.

gravitational waves

GW190521 (or GW190521g; initially, S190521g)is a gravitational wave signal resulting from the merger of two black holes. It was possibly associated with a coincident flash of light; if this association is correct, the merger would have occurred near a third supermassive black hole. The event was observed by the LIGO and Virgo detectors on 21 May 2019 at 03:02:29 UTC, and published on 2 September 2020

fictional scenario
how would it be if a fast object was launched from a fast moving object... ad infinitum-

James Webb Space Telescope
A type of Korsch telescope that uses propellents to keep it's position at L2 point.
High resolution Infrared images converted to visible color to show thousands of galaxies from a tiny part of the sky.

Space Habitats

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